9 Minutes Valorant Mobile Gameplay Published Over The Internet

Riot Games announced the mobile version of Valorant about a year ago, but so far has not really shared the material on the game. However, according to insiders, beta testing of the shooter has already begun in China, so new gameplay records appear on the network every now and then.

A nine-minute video was published by a blogger under the nickname DannyINTEL. The author of the video spent several rounds for Jett on the Bind map. On the recording, you can see the character selection and match loading screens, the menu for buying weapons and abilities, as well as the shooter interface and its settings.

The creators of Valorant from the Riot Games studio announced the preparation of a mobile version of their creation back in June 2021. With the release of the action movie on smartphones, the developers plan to significantly expand the audience of the game. At the same time, it is not yet known when the title will be available to everyone.

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