Aptoide Removes ‘Popcorn Time’ and ‘ShowBox” Apps For Piracy Lawsuite

Google Play store alternative Aptoide is an Android app marketplace has removed the popular Popcorn Time and Showbox app from their database due to copyright infringement through these apps.

Aptoide marketplace is operated from Portugal, and recently accused Google of anti-competitive behaviour after it was flagged as insecure.

A few weeks ago the company was sued by two movie outfits; TBV Productions and Hunter Killer Productions. These are the companies behind the movies “I Feel Pretty” and “Hunter Killer” respectively.

The movie outfits, which are not new to piracy-related lawsuits, accuse Aptoide of facilitating massive piracy. Specifically, the complaint states that the company induces, encourages and promotes the use of Popcorn Time and Showbox for blatant copyright infringement.

According to Aptoide’s stats, the two apps are quite popular. Popcorn Time was reportedly downloaded between 500,000 and 3 million times, while Showbox is credited with 5 to 25 million downloads. No surprise, perhaps, as both apps are described as great sources to get free movies.

While the case remains ongoing for now, Aptoide’s recent actions suggest that it’s willing to resolve the matter. However, that likely means that they will have to keep a close eye on other apps as well because a new Showbox was just added to their repository.


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