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Best Digital Audio Workstations for mac OS

Best Digital Audio Workstations for mac OS
Written by Prasenjit Dey

In recent times, the craze for music has increased tremendously with more and more people engaging in various music activities like producing and recording music on their own. With the advancement in technology, the electronic way of making music is taking over society with its popularity reaching new heights. With such updated software and systems at the disposal, people are finding music making an easy job as the time passes.

You don’t need to visit a studio just to record a song, now you can create a whole new song on your own while sitting at your home on your phones, tablets or computers irrespective of the operating system (especially the Mac operating system). With new updates, now the mac is also very efficient to produce or edit music and create a soundtrack and audios. Although, you necessarily do not need to own a mac-operated computer to make music it is quite easy if you own a Mac. It’s a hoax that you have to pay money to purchase apps to avail the best services of audio workstations if you have a mac. We bring you a list of free digital audio workstations that will run efficiently on your Mac-operated device.

Best Digital Audio Workstations for mac OS

Tracktion Software Waveform

Tracktion, which is now known as a waveform, still centers on the single-screen interface which makes its functioning easier for its user.  Contextual menus and panels give the users access to whatever they need in a combined space.

MIDI clips can be edited directly on their host tracks with a left-to-right ‘inline’ signal which stands for a dedicated mixer.

The Waveform 9, which has recently been released (although the older versions of the software are still intact) goes even further with an addition of a new modulation system, drum loop construction kits, a multi-sampler and modular mixing tool.

Apple Garageband

Your search for a more user-friendly digital audio working workstation would go for long with the introduction of the Apple Garageband software. It ships with all the macs and is free for downloading as well. You can also download GarageBand for PC.

Even if you are a non-musician, you can still sequence the provided audio loops, but a significant collection of software instruments comes supplied as well and so does multitrack recording function with a good selection of virtual guitar amps and stompboxes.

The mac version is quite good for a first DAW with it being some people’s only choice.

Apple Logic Pro

Apple prefers to give a steady stream of point releases, unlike other developers who give full version updated on a more regular basis. Logic pro x 10.1 and 10.2  both had some significant updates and same can be said for the version 10.3, prominently if you own a Touch bar-equipped Macbook pro.

This version offers a tweaked GUI that has been designed to have a more contemporary look and to be more legible, while the Touch bar can be used to navigate your work in a whole timeline review.

The 10.4 version is also significant. It adds a new ‘smart’ tempo detection technology and additional plugin effects.

Logic pro is a steal if you look at its price (200$) and pretty hard to resist when you have a Mac.

Steinberg Cubase Pro

Been on the market since a very long time, this DAW has been around has been the advent of major DAW developments like audio recording, plugin effects and many others.

In December 2016, Steinberg released three different new versions of Cubase on the same day (Cubase pro, Artists and Element 9) with the big news being that some big features were a part of all of the three versions.

After all these years, Cubase has been going strong and is a first choice for many of its users.

Ableton Live

Live had an everlasting impact on the music software marketplace since its launch. With its 1st version in 2001, it threw traditional designing rules and established as a performance instrument along with recording programs for music producers. The workflow related improvements, MIDI editing and souped-up audio are the major highlights of the new Live 10 update and it can convince more and more people that Ableton DAW is the one for them.

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