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BEST ROOTING APPS for your Android Smartphone

Written by Prasenjit Dey

Many of the android phones offer limited features and access to apps. For further access, the users need to root their phone. Rooting your device gives you access to all the features that unrooted android devices don’t. You can also get access to some root-only features. This opens the possibility of downloading a wide range of apps and games that are available in rooted devices only.

However, with the increasing number of apps available on the internet to root the device, the users often get confused about which app they use. But you do not need to worry because in this article we will list down some of the best rooting apps available on the internet for your people.


  1. Fone- Root

Dr.fone Root app is one of the top rooting apps in the world at the present moment. Its easy UI with single-click root feature makes it one of the first choices for many users worldwide. The best part of the app is its compatibility with almost all of the leading android-based smartphones such as Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Google, Asus, etc.


  • Free of cost
  • Compatible with android version 2.1 or above.
  • 100% safe and secure app with no risks involved
  • Does not vid warranty
  • Supports over 7000 android devices
  • Comes with the unroot feature as well
  1. Kingo root app for Android

Considered to be one of the most convenient root app available on the internet today, Kingo root is the app which gives you root-rights on your android device for absolutely no charge at all. It comes with both computer and mobile versions. Kingo root app is very fast as it downloads all the necessary scripts and activates within 5 minutes. It is very easy to use so even if you are rooting for the first time, you would not face any issues as the app does most of the work itself through a step-by-step wizard. This app is said to have the highest percentage of success rate if you want to root your android device. It is supported by most of the android phones and tablets available in the market today.

  1. SuperSU Pro Root App

SuperSU Pro: SuperSU (where SU stands for super user) is a rooting software for android-based devices which grants or denies permission for root access to any of the apps in the device whenever it requires. It will ask for you permission via a prompt regarding which apps should be given root access and which should not.  It also makes a log of the root access of the rooted android devices.  This is said to be one of the best app if you want to root without using a computer. The size of the app is small so it gives no load on the CPU.

  1. Root Master App

If you are looking for one of the best rooting applications available on the internet for rooting purposes you should download root master. It is a very handy app with a friendly UI that lets you root your android device in one click. The process is fast and does not take much of your time.  You will need to download its apk file from the internet as It is not available on the play store in android devices. If you have the root master app in your phone, there is no need to connect your device with a laptop or computer for rooting purposes.

  1. SRSRoot

SRSRoot is a little rooting software available on the internet for android-based devices. It is absolutely free of cost and provides you with two methods of rooting. First method is Root Device (All methods) and the second is Root Device (Smartroot). This app comes with unroot feature too.

The SRSRoot app is supported by android versions from 1.5 to 4.2 but it is not supported by any android version above 4.2 or more.


The apps that are mentioned above are some of the best rooting apps available on the internet. If you want to root your device, we would recommend you to choose any one of the apps mentioned in the article as they are considered to be the best apps for rooting purposes. You would not face issues while rooting and it would be done easily.

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