Google Opens Fuchsia OS Website For Development

Finally a while later Google opens Fuchsia OS development website for developers. This OS appearing on Github back in 2016. After some preview builds rumors spread it can replace Android where some people said it might be replaced by Chrome OS.

In an interview with The Verge, Lockheimer said that while the OS was built for experimental purpose.

Fuschsia OS Apk

A few months ago Google launched an Apk file of Fuchsia OS for taste purpose, how it looks and feel.

Fuchsia OS Apk Download


How to Build Fuchsia OS

Now a new website has sprung up, But Google confirmed that Fuchsia running on Android Studio Emulator by using some config and selected builds. Now Google providing the proper instruction of how a user can set up an environment for building Fuchsia OS.

fuchsia os screenshots

Fuchsia Supported Hardware

Only select hardware is officially supported by Fuchsia. The Acer Switch Alpha 12, select generations of the Intel NUC, and, of course, the Google Pixelbook.


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