How To Build A Drag And Drop Website With Weebly

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Website is the best way to depict your business ideas. However, not all of the business have massive budgets dedicated to website development. Online website builders come handy in this situation.

There are plenty of website builders on the internet that can be used to create a site for free. The best part is, these builders do not require extreme coding knowledge, and an individual with any level of expertise can build a fantastic website.

We will be talking about Weebly website builder. Weebly is one of the best hosting platforms that was built explicitly for e-commerce and shopping websites. However, now they have pivoted to a handful of fields such as launching their website builder. They provide a drag and drop website builder that is as easy as it sounds. The interface of the builder is clean, and even a kid can control it.

How To Build A Drag And Drop Website With Weebly

To be able to use Weebly Website Builder, all you need is a hosting platform and a domain. Here, is a step by step guide on how to build a drag and drop website with Weebly. The website that you create with the Weebly website builder will be fully responsive and cross-platform.

  1. The first step you need to do is log in to your web hosting provider.
  2. Head over to the cPanel. You may be asked to enter your cPanel username and password.
  3. Search for an option called Weebly. The choice usually resides under the Apps section in the hosting cPanel.
  4. Choose a domain that you want to install Weebly. You will have to register a website name to be able to add it on your hosting.
  5. Click on Install to set up the Weebly application.
  6. After the installation process, you will be redirected to the Weebly drag and drop website builder. Here, a couple of build tools will be present for the editor to choose.
  7. The screen will consist of two sections. The left side will contain all the build options. The right side will provide you a live preview of your website.
  8. The concept works like this. The user has to drag any of the build tools from the left-hand side to the right side. Pages and titles are available for editing according to user’s will.

Note:- Some of the tools will be unlocked and are only available in the premium version. The premium version is a bit costly, but some Weebly coupon can be applied to avail some discount.

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So, this was the step by step guide on how to build a drag and drop website with Weebly website builder. Weebly is free and easy to use. User can design a website entirely according to their wish and will. The builder offers various tools that a website developer can use. These features make Weebly unique and user-friendly, and maybe that is the reason why it has around 45 million active users worldwide.

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