ISPs Are Blocking BitTorrent Traffic

Major ISPs have been blocking BitTorrent traffic on mobile networks which is a direct violation of the neutrality regulations implemented by the European Parliament.

The Net Neutrality has implemented in 2015 in EU. It was believed that this would end BitTorrent blocking. However, the analysis done by Valerio Luconi and his colleagues says otherwise.

Why They Are Doing?

Valerio Luconi’s study shows that large ISPs in Europe are blocking BitTorrent traffic on mobile networks.

These Major ISPs Doing This Thing

Three major European ISPs, namely, Swedish ISP Telenor, Vodafone, and the Spanish Yoigo – were found throttling BitTorrent traffic. Vodafone and Yoigo were blocking BitTorrent traffic on the standard port 6881.

According to BEREC’s net neutrality implementation guidelines, ISPs are still allowed to throttle particular categories of traffic (within reasonable limits) to manage overall network traffic.

So, technically, ISPs can throttle BitTorrent traffic citing if it improves the overall “transmission quality” of the network. And there is no doubt that torrent traffic can be taxing for networks.

Thus, ISPs can use this loophole to block any specific categories of traffic like BitTorrent.