NotifyBuddy Uses Mobile AMOLED Display For Notification LED

When Oneplus designed their new almost bezel-less display phones like OnePlus 6T the main thing they have cut to notification led to maintain the almost bezel-less display. Now The  OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro also lack notification LEDs, But in App market, There is a ton of application which provides edge lighting for notification.

NotifyBuddy by XDA Member HarshBoy99 is a fairly new app that was published late last month on our forums and on Google Play, and it’s already gained a decent following with over 10,000 downloads.

This application was initially designed for OnePlus 6T, but NotifyBuddy works pretty decent with IPS Display.

Installation is simple. First, install the app from Google Play. Next, disable any ambient display settings on your phone, whitelist the app from Doze mode’s battery optimization settings so it doesn’t get killed in the background, and enable the app’s NotificationListener service. Finally, customize which apps you want to show the makeshift notification LED for.

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