Samsung Slowing Down After Push an OTA

Samsung Slowing Down After Push an OTA

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After releasing their new UI which is now called ONE UI still creates many problems in older devices, such as in some galaxy tabs and some galaxy smartphones.

Why Samsungs Doing This?

Samsung is now trying to capture the Indian market as compared to China, the US, and EU countries. Recently we can see there are so many sub-brands that come to compete. Where Samsung creating this kind of monopoly by slowing down older smartphones by an OTA. Which means the slow operation of a smartphone useless.

If you compare to with MIUI update it does not hurt as like Samsung UI hurts their users. Mostly they are doing with the older phones and tablet which has low-end processor,

This monopoly will change the market and rising companies like Realme, Infinix and other sub-brand will take the market.

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