SiriOS Will Launch at WWDC 2020

SiriOS Will Launch at WWDC 2020

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Tech giant Apple planning to launch their SiriOS at WWDC  2020, at this point we are not clearly sure how it will look like or what forward-facing additions will the platform boast. However, there are subtle clues present which might draw a silhouetted picture. Let’s dive in to see some more details on SiriOS and how Apple aims to position it.

SiriOS May Boost Innovation

According to the report, we will adhere to voice-based computing. In addition to this, the report also claims that ‘SiriOS’ will be launched at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in the year 2020.

SiriOS would potentially be developed independently regardless of the fact that will run on iOS, iPadOS or macOS. Developers would write and integrate their applications with SiriOS, ensuring that its functionality is accessible across Apple’s ecosystem.

SiriOS could possibly make Apple’s HomePod more useful. Do take note that there is no official word from Apple at this point and no credible sources were mention to bolster the claim. Henceforth, we would advise users to take the news with a  pinch of salt.

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