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VIvaTV 1.3.4v Apk Download Free For Android

Viva tv apk is an android app for streaming media content at your demand. in this app you will get a wonderful user interface with high quality movies, shows, and web series. So in this article we talk about Viva TV apk. Right now the latest version download available link down below:

Viva TV APK Features

  • Latest movies on demand
  • Alongside you can find and download latest web series or TV shows
  • WWE & UFC PPV: Who doesn’t love these shows and their world-famous heroic personalities? Check out this section to watch your favorite fighter’s match. Win or lose, let’s support our heroes and be optimistic.
  • Discover: This is where you’ll find all the above sections and their respective movies, shows, or fight matches. Explore it to the best of your knowledge to find entertaining video content.
  • Watch list: Create a watchlist for your own interest. Queue up to watch Viva TV Apk at any point of time without consuming time to surf for your loved movies or shows.


viva tv apk

Download Viva TV APK For Android Free

  • First things first, make sure you get the file by tapping to move Viva TV Download page here.
  • Allocate space for it to store the VivaTV Apk file.
  • Most importantly download the latest version of Viva TV Apk [v1.2.6]

How to Install Viva TV APK On Android

This app is right only available for Android mobile devices only but very soon developers launch FireTV and android TV compatible versions when they reach a certain number of users base.

  • At first download, the latest Viva TV APK on your smartphone by using Google Chrome.
  • Maybe your phone asks for User permission to allow to install.
  • Then just allow it.

  • When it’s done just open it and allow all the permission the Viva TV APK download.
  • wants from you.
  • That’s It.

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