225 Million New Password Have Been Pwned Recently: Check Yours

The website’s founder Troy Hunt informed that the FBI and NCA have contributed a database which have contain million breached passwords of which 225 million are completely new.

Over 225 million compromised passwords previously unseen by HIBP were provided by the NCA to HIBP for incorporation into their password repository, allowing them to be checked by individuals and companies worldwide seeking to verify the security risk of a password before usage, supporting the NCA’s mission to protect the public from cyber criminality.NCA on 225 million compromised passwords from a UK-based business cloud storage facility.

How to Check My Password Pwned or Not?

The data should definitely help more users know that their data was compromised and would help them take measures to secure their accounts. This is a win for both the users and the website.

Here is the website you can check your password is compromised or not: check here

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