5 Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews

With increasing digitization and unusual situations that the world has encountered, enormous changes have happened in all segments of our lives, including in our business lives. If we talk about the implementation of selection processes – it was impossible to organize classic live job interviews for a long time.

In response to such crisis situations, employers have turned to the online world so that their businesses feel as little loss as possible. The online world has made many things possible for the business world. So recruiters were able to conduct online job interviews and also hold meetings.

Although it was necessary to maintain social distance for a long time, and video interview platforms proved to be a perfect choice, these platforms have been used for years. They may not be able to completely replace live conversation, but people who work online have been using them for quite some time. Why? Online companies work with people from all over the world, and for them would be simply impossible to connect these people in one place.

However, video interview platforms make it possible. In addition, they expand your recruitment search, which means you can reach anyone in any part of the world. Thus, recruitment software and platforms are gradually entering the online world.

Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio has proven to be a platform made for everyone. Whatever you’re doing, from a job interview to hosting a podcast, Rumble Studio will allow you to prepare and record an interview without any hassle. It offers a whole range of possibilities, and you will use it simply. Best of all, you’ll be able to create an interview landing page without coding or coding knowledge. This station will help you to ask questions and collect answers as easily as possible.

Also, you are offered tool interview templates that you can choose from or simply customize the text or audio. The choice is only up to you.

You are already amazed, right? But the possibilities offered by Rumble Studio do not end there. After completing the destination station and customization, you can share interviews easily. This will make it easier for you to interview several individuals at once. You can share the interview via email, social media, or website… Rumble Studio also has advanced group permissions. This means that it will be easier for you to work with team members if you participate in an interview together.

The dashboard will make things even simpler. In the dashboard, you can find all the answers pre-organized, so saving time is on your side. Rumble Studio also has a built-in mixing tool. Using this tool, you can organize or record a video more easily.

Also, that tool is totally flexible, so you will be able to add or remove an audio track. With Ruble Studio, you can arrange the sound as you like (increase, decrease, fix the background), and in the end, you will get a high-quality MP3 or WAV format.


Many users claim that Podcastle is one of the best platforms for recording and editing podcasts ever. You have to believe that review because this platform is truly astonishing. In fact, Podcastle is more of a tool than a platform. The first thing users get excited about is the free version that Podcastle offers. You can find so many functions and options in the free version that you will never think about buying another product. Maybe not even this one.


This is one of the characteristics that sets Podcastle apart from the big competition on the market. When transcribing sound into text and removing background noise – artificial intelligence is used. And that simply delights users.

Riverside. fm

The first video podcasting software is Riverside. Although it has a long history, enormous changes have happened from the beginning until now. Riverside is a platform that does not gallop with the times, so they improve its features constantly.

Riverside. fm

So today, you are offered 4K video recording, lossless audio recording, and recording of remote podcasts and video podcasts and interviews. Best of all, it doesn’t depend on an internet connection, so there won’t be any loss in recording quality.


Choosing a target market is very important for success. By using the VideoAsk platform, you will be able to analyze it and interact with the audience. Feedback is always important to help you achieve success.


VideoAsk is an online tool that will connect you with the audience in the easiest way possible, and you can show them videos while they answer your questions.


VidCruiter is one of the best platforms for video interviews. It offers many features that will improve the recruitment of new staff without wasting time. This platform has an interface for viewing all options, a comment board, and assessment notes.


By using VidCruiter, you can show pre-recorded interviews to employees on demand. In this way, you will additionally save time because you avoid the conflict of schedules that usually come with employment.

Final Words

If your business has moved to the online world, or you simply want to save time, there is a list in front of you that will rescue you. Although those platforms are still not that popular, these video interviewing platforms will soon reach their peak popularity. So be one step ahead of time and choose the best for yourself.

Rumble Studio is one of the best platforms that offer the impossible. Joking aside, Rumble Studio will show you so many options and save time that you’ll wonder what you’ve been waiting for.

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