AI learned to predict the consequences of the coronavirus

Researchers have improved an existing AI-based algorithm to combat the coronavirus. A more advanced version of the software has a predictive ability and is able to predict with high accuracy certain aspects of the development of the disease in patients, including death.

A computer algorithm is trained on random results from computed tomography, which allows it to analyze the course of the disease in patients. AI not only creates a unique model for each person, but also knows how to predict the timing of admission to the intensive care unit. The algorithm divides people into groups, identifying patients with a high and low risk of developing serious consequences for the body.

“Our results show that predictions from the uncontrolled AI model were made with greater accuracy than other similar designs. Now you can make predictions about the development of the disease immediately based on CT data, ”the researchers say. 

ai corona virus detection

The team notes that previous versions of AI were unable to see the full picture of the disease. In addition, they were limited to subjective assessments, and human involvement was required to build a predictive scheme. The new algorithm is devoid of all these shortcomings, and the developers believe that AI can be used not only to combat coronavirus, but also many other diseases.

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