Android 11 Comes With An Old Feature

Almost half a year remains before the presentation of the next version of the Android mobile operating system, but future innovations are already actively discussed in the network. So, insiders became aware of one of the features of Android 11, which will successfully complement the popular function of the tenth version of the “green robot”.

Android 11 Comes With An Old Feature

This is a dark topic – the main innovation of Android 10, which users have been waiting for several years. It is noteworthy that during the testing of Android 10 in several beta versions of the system it was possible to set a dark color scheme according to the schedule. According to the time set by the owner of the smartphone, the system was automatically painted in dark colors, which significantly reduced the load on the eyes at night or in the absence of additional light sources.

But with the release of the final version of Android 10, Google developers decided to remove the option. As the reason why Google refused to automatically switch, the company called “a possible sudden restart of applications for applying a dark color scheme”, which, according to the developers, would cause a negative user experience.

But according to a recent comment by Chris Baines, who holds the post of one of the Android developers at Google, the scheduled color change function will still return to Android 11. In the meantime, Android 10 users have to resort to third-party ways to automatically change them or manually switch them.

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