Android 12 will “fix” a major issue with third-party launchers

In the pre-release version of Android 12, enthusiasts have discovered an innovation that expands the functionality of third-party launchers. We are talking about the search function – according to informants, the new mobile OS will give firmware developers expanded access to the memory of gadgets.

The new API includes the AppSearchManager tool, which will activate searches both on the Internet and within the device, accessing a list of applications and related content. According to the source, the new feature uses AppSearch’s centralized indexing system for all Android-based shells.

Thus, users of any third-party launchers will be able to access all information stored on the device. In addition to Google search results, the search engine will also display local files, including documents, photos and applications on the device.

The screenshots above show a similar search concept implemented on OnePlus devices running OxygenOS. According to insiders, the new function may be implemented in the next updates of the beta version of Android 12.

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