Animal Crossing New Horizons Monetized By A Chinese Player

Recently a Chinese game player did the latest thing in Animal Crossing New Horizons. He has monetized Nintendo’s latest installment creating his own in-game currency.

In this game currently does not feature the transactions in-game purchase. but the player set up his own selling brand by custom-designed in-game items.

How to User Can Pay?

Daniel Ahmad, this particular player has set up store on its own island with custom designs and has added AliPay and WeChat Pay QR codes as a custom design which allows players to purchase the items with real money.

The image is showing is WeChat Pay and AliPay QR Codes. Animal Crossing New Horizons is available globally now for the Nintendo Switch. The game was launched earlier this month and the game has been selling extremely well, becoming the fastest-selling Switch game in various countries and significantly driving Switch hardware sales.


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