Apple A14 Bionic is 70% More Powerful Than Previous A13 Bionic

The first tests  of the 5nm A14 Bionic processor found in the iPad Air 4 showed minimal performance gains over the A13 Bionic. Now the results of testing the new chipset in the Geekbench benchmark have appeared, where it demonstrates a noticeable jump in power against the background of its predecessor.

apple a14 bionic power

On the Geekbench GPU benchmark, the new iPad Air 4 with A14 Bionic scored 12,571 Metal. For comparison, the A12Z Bionic in the 2020 iPad Pro, previously considered the highest performing chip in Apple, scores 11,665 points in the same test. What’s more interesting is that the A13 Bionic found in the iPhone 11 series scores 7308 points – 72% less than the new chipset. A12 Bionic from iPhone XS and iPad Air 3 demonstrates 5242 points at all.

Thus, the real performance of the iPad Air 4 and new iPhones may be noticeably higher than previously thought. 

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