Astronomers Took a Picture of The Unique Solar System

From time to time, astronomers find exoplanets in distant solar systems and galaxies. However, never before have two exoplanets orbiting a gas giant similar to our Sun been recorded. A related discovery was made with the ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope.

The resulting image contains a gas giant, around which two large exoplanets revolve at once. This is the first time astronomers have recorded a sun-like star with more than one rotating planet.

The object lies about 300 light-years away and is known as TYC 8998-760-1. According to astronomers, the star is very similar to our Sun. Additionally, it is specified that at the moment it is at the initial stage of development. The researchers clarify that previously only two systems with two or more exoplanets in orbit were recorded, but in both cases, the stars were radically different from the Sun.

new solar system TYC 8998-760-1

In the course of studying the image, it turned out that one of the planets rotates at a distance of 160 times more than separates the Earth and the Sun, and the other exceeds this figure 320 times.

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