What’s the Average Frontend Developer Salary in 2023

Currently, there are tons of websites all over the internet, with new ones going online every single day. Of course, websites cannot be made by everyone without any background knowledge. This is where front-end developers step in and invest their IT knowledge and skills into building a new website. Since the demand for such experts is extremely high over the past few years, organizations and companies are willing to pay them a lot of money for their skills.

What is the Average Front End Developer Salary?

If you wonder what an average front end developer salary is, you came to the right place. In this article, we will discuss their salary based on various aspects, including their skills, level of education, previous work experience, and location. These are all aspects that make this salary variable, so a beginner in front-end development should not expect the same salary as a professional with prominent work experience.

Front End Developer Salary by Location

According to Glassdoor, the average front end developer salary in the United States goes up to $84,650 a year. However, Indeed reports that the average base salary of front-end developers in the US reaches $102,589 per year. By taking this variable information into concern, we might conclude that the average salary would definitely be somewhere between $80,000 and $100,000. In contrast to that, Indeed reports that the average salary for a front-end developer is £55,273 per year. However, in India, the salary is significantly lower and amounts to around $11,340.

Frond end developer income

Front End Developer Salary by Experience

For the purposes of better understanding, in the continuation, we will show the salary in the US. Firstly, on the basis of experience, we can see that there is a significant difference in the salary. Beginners with 0 to 1 years of experience in front-end development have an average of $68,091 per year. On the other hand, experts in front-end development with over 15 years of experience have $100,207 on average, with the possible ranging up to $160,000 yearly.

Frond end developer income

Front End Developer Salary by Skills

When talking about skills in front-end development, they usually refer to proficiency in programming languages. As a minimum, a front-end developer should know to work with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. As for the other skills, Indeed lists the most desirable skills and qualifications that could increase front end developer salary.

Frond end developer income by skills

Freelance Front-end Developer Salary

Regardless of tempting salaries in this area, numerous experts are looking for other options. One such option is being a freelance front-end developer, which allows choosing the projects you wish to work on, pick your clients, and charge them in a different way. The estimated approximate total salary of a freelance front-end developer in the United States is $85,509 per year. However, it varies from $68,000 to $108,000 per year.

Frond end developer income freelance


To sum up, the front-end developer salary is extremely competitive, especially in the area of the United States. Whether you decide to work for someone else or be a freelancer, you will equally benefit from the experience and acquired skills.

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