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Axie Infinity Best Team For Beginners 2021

If you want to make money by playing games without investing any money then the Axie Infinity game can help you to earn some handsome money for surviving these days. In this article share with you Axie Infinity Best Team for Beginners 2021.

Axie Infinity is a crypto-based game, and it is available for most platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. This game like a Bakugan you have to choose your Axie and each Axie’s have individual power.

aixe inifinity best team

Before starting this game you have to know about the Axies Roles of in this game. So here it is:-

1. Defender (Tank)

Every team needs a durable Axie in the front lines to absorb all the damage from the enemy.

Tanks will defend your backlines as you try to gain energy and cards to perform a combo. Otherwise, all your squishy Axies will just die immediately before even getting the chance to land a powerful attack!

Plant and Reptile Axies usually have bonuses that allow better survivability, such as HP bonuses. Sometimes, Aquas are used as tanks too.

2. Attacker (Damage Dealer)

Attackers or Damage Dealers focus on dealing damage to the enemy. They usually have low HP and shield, so they need to stay behind a Tank to survive.

Beasts and Birds usually have cards that deal a good amount of damage, as well as high Speed and Morale bonuses.

Since Morale increases your chance to land critical hits, these Axies are perfect for a damage dealer role.

Axie Infinity Best Team For Beginners

These are some of the most popular and balanced team setups in Axie Infinity:

  1. Plant, Beast, Bird
  2. Plant, Beast, Aqua
  3. Plant, Beast, Beast

How to Attack Opponent in Axie Infinity?

Each Axie’s has individual power you have to choose card to attack the opponent.

Best Stats for Starter Axies Power

The first thing you should look at when choosing Axies is their stats. Axies have four stat attributes:

  • Health — amount of damage the Axie can take before getting knocked out
  • Speed — the higher the Speed is, the earlier the Axie will attack in the turn order
  • Skill — increases damage when the Axie does a combo
  • Morale — increases chance to deal critical strike and enter “Last Stand”

What makes a good Axie team?

A good, well-balanced Axie team usually consists of the following:

  1. Tank
    • usually a Plant with shield and healing cards
    • should have a high HP stat (50+)
  2. Damage Dealer
    • should have at least 2-3 cards that deal 100 damage
    • should have high Morale and Skill
    • usually Beasts and Birds
  3. Utility
    • used to improve your team’s synergy, such as abilities to steal energy or draw more cards
    • you can swap this role for a 2nd Damage Dealer

If you are on a tight budget for your starter team, these qualities may be difficult to achieve.

But these are generally what you should aim for when building a new team.

Final Words

If you’re new in this game, then you have to purchase Fish Axies to play this game and which cost you around $1200 USD.

I know many people don’t have that much amount to invest then you can join their Telegram channel or Discord community for scholership and you have to know that whoever give you Axie they shared revenue liike 60/40. 60% for Scholarship players and 40% goes to the Axie owner.

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