Seven Best Email Marketing Ideas for Speaking Event Promotion

When you’re hosting a speaking event, you want as many people to listen to it as possible. Whether this is a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, getting the word out is an important step. Social media campaigns, advertisements, and other marketing measures all play their roles in this, but email campaigns have their own benefits. These target your audience personally, and invite them on a one-to-one level. In addition, they keep potential attendees knowledgeable about your event. So, you need to focus on email marketing to promote your speaking event. Here are a few tips which can help you get the best possible results from your email campaigns.

Use attractive visuals

article writingThere’s nothing as effective as attractive visuals in an email campaign. So, create designs which make your audience look forward to your event. A good idea is to use speaker email templates available on platforms like PosterMyWall. These templates are really easy to use, and take mere minutes to edit. So, you can focus on the content and just send the emails to your audience.

Use complementary color schemes, and try to stick to the colors you are using in the rest of your event marketing collateral as well. This will create a cohesive feel throughout your marketing campaigns and give your event a professional image. Also make sure you just give a bit of content with these emails, so that the viewers are intrigued into signing up for the event and dropping by on the actual day.

Create personalized event calendars

You can really create a polished image of your event if you send your audience the event agenda in advance and let them add their preferred sessions to a personalized calendar. Many event hosting platforms out there let your audience add sessions to their personalized calendars, and then get notifications accordingly.

So, do send out the event agenda a few weeks in advance, with options to add sessions to the email recipient’s calendar. Many of these calendars integrate with Google Calendar as well, so do make use of this in order to attract your audience. Once they’ve added the sessions to their calendars, you can even send out reminder emails later on when the event is taking place.

Send countdown emails

Create an email workflow where you send out event reminders or session reminders at timely intervals. Start on these a month before your event. Then, send two-week reminders, one-week reminders, and then send a reminder a few days and the day before the event as well. This will keep your event on the radar for the email recipients. Even if they don’t open the email itself, the subject line will remind them.

However, do not spam your audience’s inboxes with daily reminders. Send these out at decent intervals, and make them as short as possible, with some eye-catching visuals.

Highlight speakers prior to the event

A great way to build excitement for your event is to highlight the stars, that is, your speakers. Create attractive speaker profiles using the templates on PosterMyWall, and then share them via email. These should contain some basic information about the speaker, their experience in the relevant topic, and a summary of what they will be talking about.

You can even have the speakers make short videos and then you can send these to your audience via email. Highlight a different speaker in every email, so that your recipients can get a solid idea of what to expect at your event.

Add testimonials

Local Influencer

If influential people recommend your event, then you’ll probably get a higher influx of attendees. So, reach out to influencers relevant to the topics being discussed at your event. Have them share small videos or even a quote or two. Then, add these testimonials to your email marketing campaigns, and send them out.

Influencer marketing can also be utilized in social media quite well, so do reach out to as many people as possible, so that you get at least a few excellent testimonials back.

Create a sense of urgency

Do create a sense of urgency in your email marketing campaigns. Focus on your subject lines as well, and make sure you make the event sound like something not to be missed out on. The tone of your content plays a major role in this regard.

So, when you’re sending out emails, use time-sensitive language, urge people to sign up, and appeal to their FOMO by talking about all that you are offering at the event, and how it will be very valuable for attendees.

Incorporate CTA buttons

Add Call To Action buttons throughout your email campaigns. These buttons should link to your event’s website and registration forms to make things convenient. Therefore, when you’re urging email recipients to attend the event, add a registration button right below to capitalize on the moment immediately.

However, make sure you don’t overuse these buttons. Place them in visible and accessible positions in your emails, so that the recipients can respond as soon as possible.

So, here were a few tips on how email marketing can help you promote your speaking event to its maximum potential. Design tools like PosterMyWall go a long way in making your job easier, so do use them for this purpose.

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