Best Point and Click Games to Play in 2022

Without any doubt, Point-and-Click games were ruling over the gaming industry in the 90s and 20s, with the best titles like Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Full throttle, and Indiana Jones. The gaming industry has changed, and with the introduction of new technologies, Battle Royale, FPS, and MMORPG games are ruling.


It doesn’t mean developers have stopped working on Point-and-Click Games or people pulled their hands out of the genres; even nowadays, many new features and mechanics have been introduced to engage people. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Point-and-Click Games in 2022 to play for those players who love to play puzzle games.

Here are the Best Point-and-Click Games to Play

We’ve compiled a list of the best games worth your time by giving you addictive and stunning gameplay.

1. Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is an Adventure and Single-player Point-and-Click video game published by Annapurna Interactive for Multiple Platforms. It offers unique gameplay, wherein the player must explore a small apartment to solve a mystery in a 10-minute cycle. You will experience the gameplay from a top-down viewpoint and can move on to the kitchen and other house areas, including the bedroom and bathroom.

2. The Wolf Among Us

It is a Graphic Adventure and Single-player Mystery-drama video game that is the prequel to the Fables series. In this time, you command a character named Bigby Wolf, who needs to investigate a set of mysterious murders across the area. Navigate the land from a third-person viewpoint and interact with apartment buildings and a bar. During navigation, discover hidden objects to solve the puzzle. The Wolf Among Us is considered one of the best Point-and-Click games in 2022.

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3. The Walking Dead

Telltale Games releases the best Point-and-Click mixed Graphic Adventure and Interactive Drama video game. It is the first release with up to four Seasons and a spin-off title. The game welcomes you to the fictional world loaded with events appearing after the zombie apocalypse in Georgia. The player commands a character Lee Everett and embarks on a journey to survive longer. Players can interact with others and buildings during the game using a point-and-click interface.

4. Batman: The Telltale Series

Like the first three titles above, Batman: The Telltale Series comes with a blend of Graphic Adventure, Point-and-Click, and Puzzle elements. The player controls Batman from a third-person viewpoint to solve tricky puzzles in this title. The introduction of the “Crowd Play” feature grabbed players’ attention as it allows them to watch the gameplay as an audience who can participate in the decision-making process.


5. Gone Home

Instead of featuring Third-person Perspective, Gone Home comes with a first-person viewpoint and features Adventure mixed Exploration gameplay that is controlled using the point-and-click interface. In this game, the player controls the protagonist, Katie, who moves around the house while interacting with objects. The game doesn’t feature defined goals but encourages players to navigate new areas for rewards and search for new messages.

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