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Bliss OS Based on Android Pie Comes with Play Store

After the success of custom ROM development, Bliss ROM developers are focusing on development on Android OS for low-end PC’s. Bliss OS download ISO and relive your old desktop PC.

A big thanks for open source project because Google as never officially dipped its toes into the PC space. Here is a detail we found in XDA-Developer.

XDA Recognized Developer electrikjesus told me the update was delayed due to problems with GsfProxy and GsfLogin working with the standard x86 GMS Core. The team had to use the non-x86 version of them with the latest Houdini (Intel’s ARM compatibility library) from ChromeOS to make the Play Store compatible. They also had to disable the Setup Wizard because it was crashing on PCs without Wi-Fi.


  • Notification actions are stable;
  • Bluetooth updates & fixes;
  • Power buttons working on many more devices (still no sleep state);
  • Some upstream updates from Project Celadon, Android-x86 & PHH-Treble.

Bliss OS Website

Bliss OS x86 Android Pie

Bliss OS x86 Oreo and Naugat

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