BUGG Finance Review – Price Prediction, Market Cap, Next Shiba Inu?

BUGG Finance (BUGG) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards for holders. Buy and Hold BUGG and you will automatically get more in your wallet. No need to farm, stake, or claim. Each trade also automatically adds liquidity on Pancakeswap leading to an ever-increasing price floor of BUGG. This means that even if every single BUGG holder sells, the price will not go to zero. BUGG Finance Review.

What is Bugg Finance

Blockchain has started gaining a lot of popularity in recent years and there has been a hype around the concept of decentralization that has contributed majorly to the increasing trades and market value of the traditional cryptocurrency that exists in the market.

But after the tweet of Elon Musk, meme coins have started gaining more popularity than the traditional cryptocurrency in the market.

Meme coins can be essentially defined as a cryptocurrency that has no value and is not necessary that is a coin, but it can also be a token. A classic example of a meme coin is the dogecoin that was based on the meme of Shiba Inu, the dog. The idea behind a meme coin is that they are created off of a meme on the internet and then a pool of liquidity is created so that they can provide value to the crypto and then as and when people buy the coins, the value of the currency starts increasing.

How To Buy BUGG Finance Token

Buy BUGG Finance

  • For buying BUGG Token you must have a Trust wallet and an Open trust wallet

  • After Opening the Trust Wallet app you will see the DApps section at bottom of the  Trust Wallet app select Dapps.
  • Scroll down you will see in the DApps popular section panecakeswap tap on it.
  • Select BNB Smart chain and connect your wallet from top right corner
  • and below search Bugg Finance or enter official contract address – 0x550db12c0a48c494675f6d75ec684be196ea412f
  • And now tap on the token – and select how much quantity of BUGG you want to purchase – after that Swap 5% will be deducted for fees.

After confirmation, you can see more options to check bscscan your order successfully executed.

Add Bugg Finance token on your Trust wallet – tap on top right corner paste contract address  0x550db12c0a48c494675f6d75ec684be196ea412f and swipe to turn on

Maybe you encounter Bugg Finance price not showing, don’t worry after listing Coinmarketcap it will start showing its price here. Otherwise, you can check Bugg Finance price here

How to check BUGG Finance Token Current Price

After listed in the coin market cap you can see your fund price on your respective trust wallet section until then you can check the current price at

Current BUGG Token  Price

BUGG Finance Road Map

BUGG Coin Overview

Project name BUGG Finance
Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000 BUGG
Official website
Based on Binance Smart Chain
Launched year 2021
All-time high NA
Exchange Platform Pancakeswap
Wallet Trust Wallet
Contract 0x550db12c0a48c494675f6d75ec684be196ea412f

Features of BUGG Coin

BUGG Coin Price Prediction

This is just a prediction only in trading anything can be possible price ups and downs depending on the market situation. No prediction will work in trading. Trading

Month & Year BUGG Price Prediction
July 2021 $0.000000004500
August 2021 $0.00000000500
September 2021 $0.0000000070
October 2021 $0.0000000100
November 2021 $0.0000000150
December 2021 $0.000000020501
January 2022 $0.00000004090
February 2022 $0.00000020100
March 2022 $0.000000012
April 2022 $0.000000015
May 2022 $0.0000000157
June 2022 $0.000000977769
July 2022 $0.000001181129
August 2022 $0.00000320506
September 2022 $0.00000605508
October 2022 $0.00000800501
November 2022 $0.000010005033
December 2022 $0.000011050170


First, I would like to say this article is not a financial advisory article. Please trade at your own decision. To know more about BUGG Finance stay connected with us.

In the growing world of Decentralized Finance, Blockchain, and NFT. we will be witnessing or expected new concepts and innovations in the future. As we know Bugg having major capabilities to bringing something innovative, new technologies. So, considering the potential of BUGG coin doing the exact same thing. As they providing a platform where they can work together to bringing more innovation with blockchain technology.

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