Canon Introduced 250-MP Camera Sensor

Canon has unveiled the new LI8020SA 250-megapixel image sensor. Thanks to the impressive resolution of the matrix, it allows you to multiply the picture using the digital zoom without losing quality. The manufacturer spoke about the features of the new product and named the timing of its entry into the market.

Canon is positioning its 250-megapixel LI8020SA sensor as a solution for the industrial and video surveillance market. The size of the matrix of the novelty is 29.35 x 18.88 millimeters, and the pixels themselves are 1.5 microns. This combination of characteristics allows you to take pictures with a resolution of 19,568 x 12,588 pixels. 

250 mp camera sensor

In the native resolution, the sensor is capable of shooting at up to five frames per second, and when switched to Full HD, it can capture video at up to 60 fps. One of the key features of the novelty is the presence of the “live crop” function. The user can select the desired area of ​​the 8K image and zoom in for independent shooting at 24 fps in reduced resolution.

The company also took care of a special interlaced vertical compression algorithm, which shoots video at the highest possible resolution, but skips vertical lines. This solution made it possible to increase the shooting rate from 5 to 45 frames per second with a slight loss of detail. Canon noted that the release of the new sensor will take place before the end of 2021, after which it will be used in a new generation of surveillance cameras.


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