Cryengine 5.7 is Coming With DirectX12, Vulkan, Raytracing Available Spring 2020

Recently Crytek has unveiled their most recent variant of the roadmap, and the roadmap unveiled Crytek will be bringing support for Directx 12, Vulkan and Raytracing to CRYENGINE, similar to the Neon Noir demo.

Cryengine 5.7 improvements in 2020

  • Support for Oculus Quest
  • Improved VR Support
  • Area Lights Implementation
  • Improved Multiple View Rendering
  • Opaque Particles/Deferred Lighting
  • Optimized Dynamic Instancing
  • DirectX 12 Implementation
  • Vulkan Implementation
  • Raytracing Implementation

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CRYENGINE 5.8 – Future Ready

CRYENGINE 5.8 will build upon CRYENGINE 5.7. CRYENGINE 5.8 will add support for Multi-GPU DX12 configurations. Another addition will also be support for NVIDIA Ansel. Other additions for CRYENGINE 5.8 includes these mention below.

  • Deferring RenderObject Compilation to Job Threat
  • Distance LOD Merging
  • Vegetation Spine Animation on GPU
  • Pixel Shader to Compute Shade
  • Order Independent Transparency
  • Parallax Skybox
  • Parametric Surface Support
  • Physically Based Material Blending

Depending on how well CRYENGINE handles raytracing operations and multi-GPU configurations, multi-GPU configurations may become a viable option for power users. Crytek previously implemented nearly perfect scaling for AMD’s Fiji GPUs, and due of the nature of raytracing, these types of operation scale well across multiple CPU cores, and should do the same for multiple GPUs.

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