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What is cryptojacking? How CryptoCurrency


I don’t know how many of us are familiar with this term CRYPTOJACKING but surely the number is very low. So without wasting any further time let’s get started and educate ourselves. Basically, crypto jacking is an easier and smoother way for the people with bad intentions to get into our system and reside there silently and make the profit. In here system refers to the processors of our computers and smartphones


Whenever we browse different websites or different apps some of them which contain malicious code get into the processor, reside there silently and tries to slow it down by max out the processor. The attacker runs crypto currency-mining software in our system without our knowledge and generate Cryptocurrency in there and then sells it for profit. In resulting our system gets slower and the processor generates more heat which causes more consumption of electricity and a costly bill. So basically what actually happens is some intruder gets into our home uses our kitchen to cook food for themselves and we don’t get to know a single thing and in the end, we pay the bills of gas and other stuff for them.

Which devices can be crypto jacked??

If this kind of questions comes into your mind, then the answer would be any device that can run software could be harmed. If you are using Windows, Linux or Mac whatever it is you could get harmed any time. Similarly whatever smartphone you use might be an iPhone or Android it can be crypto jacked.

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What is the prevention??

There are several ways we can save our systems like,

Keep checking the task manager of your os and browsers. If you find any task that is consuming a lot of CPU but that doesn’t belong to the system make sure to kill it.

Secondly, use software that automatically blocks Cryptocurrency mining software, like Malwarebytes. This software can block such kind of malicious software to run in the background. Also, you can add some extension in your browser which can provide a blacklist of mining scripts.

On an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, web pages that use cryptocurrency miners should stop mining as soon as you navigate away from your browser app or change tabs. The operating system won’t let them use a lot of CPU in the background. Also, always download apps from Google play store or Apple App Store so that if an app that holds any malicious code inside it, the authority would be able to remove it from their store and the devices any time.


So this was a brief description of CRYPTOJACKING, and hopefully, you get to know a bit of stuff regarding it. Please make sure you do take the preventions so that your device could not be Cryptojacked.

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