Dangerous Apps With Over 100 Million Downloads Discovered on Google Play

Google regularly releases security updates for Android and is constantly working to improve the protection of this OS, however, from time to time, there are still news about vulnerabilities and viruses for the green robot. Sometimes danger awaits users in the official Google Play app store. It is reported that more than 100 million devices may be at risk.

Dangerous Apps With Over 100 Million Downloads

VPNpro research team analyzed the mobile applications of the Chinese company QuVideo. First of all, it is known for the VivaVideo video editor, the number of installations of which on Google Play exceeds 100 million. Experts noted that the programs of this developer are requesting “dangerous permissions.” Moreover, in one of the applications, experts even discovered a hidden malicious Trojan with remote access. 

QuVideo applications include VivaVideo, VivaVideo PRO, SlidePlus, Tempo, VivaCut, and VidStatus. The total number of downloads exceeds 150 million. All programs request a huge number of permissions, including location, call log, audio recording and other important functions of the device. 

By the way, in 2017, the Indian government included VivaVideo among 40 Chinese applications classified as malicious or spyware.

Users are advised to avoid QuVideo programs, or at least learn what permissions they require.

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