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Dirac is an audio amplification application developed by Swedish Audio Research Company that develops audio software and used by many OEMs. There is no chance to find Dirac audio software in your phone if your phone Android 9 Pie. Right now pixels device, essential phone, and Realme 3 Pro, Realme 5 Pro getting these features. This means if your device running on Android 10 then Dirac apk you can found on Phone’s Settings.

How Dirac App Works?

This android app that is intended to optimize the sound profile on your specific set of headphones. The company says their app applies an audio profile that “reveals” the music as it was intended, removing all of the headphone processing and “purifying” the experience.

Right now Dirac sent a test kit with Pixel 3a device and Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones to try out this new product. There are a few reasons why I couldn’t use my own phone and headphones. First, Dirac’s engineering team creates individual sound profiles for specific headphones, so I couldn’t use my existing ones. Dirac creates these profiles by measuring the audio produced by the headphones in their stock configurations and then equalizing it against their own target curve, which they say they’ve tested extensively to produce the best audio. Thus, this is not a simple one-size-fits-all equalizer app for headphones.


The Dirac app is now currently available in a few devices. The company plans to support over 100 headphones when the app is launched.

Download Dirac Apk/Dirac MOD APK

If Dirac can get their software integrated into smartphones and streaming apps and they support enough headphones at launch, this could be a popular tool for consumers (and maybe audiophiles). The idea of purifying the listening experience and hearing music the way it was intended to sound has always been the gold standard. This is why people spend hundreds of dollars on high-end headphones. We hope to see Dirac’s app do that for more people in the future.

Whenever mod version releases I will notify you.

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Dirac Magisk Module

Probably old devices will get support by third-party developers through the Magisk Module.

Is Android 10 has Dirac App Support?

Yes the app is now development mode, Realme 3 Pro spotted with Dirac App support.

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