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Elon Musk Showed A New Brain Implant, tariffs are being tightened in Russia

Elon Musk’s company Neuralink introduced a new version of the brain implant . The gadget corrects electrical signals sent by neurons to the brain, and thus can get rid of dozens of ailments. Pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, loss of memory, hearing and vision, paralysis and the consequences of a stroke are just a few of what the chip is designed to heal. At least Musk and his team are convinced of this.

Neuralink V2 uses a wireless interface to transfer data at megabit speeds. Once – and connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone. The built-in battery lasts for a day of work, and it is charged during sleep from the magnetic adapter. Just like a smartwatch. Responsibility for the implantation of the chip was shifted to the robot. As conceived by the developers, it was he who would perform an hour-long operation under local anesthesia. After that, Musk believes, patients will be able to leave the hospital on foot on the same day.

Three pigs became the main stars of the presentation. Joyce is a pig without a chip. Dorothy is a pig that was implanted and then extracted with Neuralink V2. She became a living example of the fact that you can get rid of a chip permanently or remove it for an upgrade without health consequences. And finally, Gertrude is a piglet with Neuralink V2: during the presentation , using an implant, it was possible to read the activity of neurons in her brain from all channels. According to rumors, the first tests on humans could pass before the end of this year.

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