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Escape From Tarkov Backend Error Code 518 Fixed

2017’s Escape from Tarkov is one of the online multiplayer first-person shooter video games that has been developed by Battlestate Games. The beta is still available to play and you’ll need to preorder the game that can be found in four different editions. Meanwhile, some players are experiencing the Escape From Tarkov Backend Error Code 518. If you’re also facing the same error then make sure to follow this troubleshooting guide.

Although the game has received positive responses from players and critics, it has some bugs or errors that we can’t deny at all. Most of the PC games do come with multiple issues whatsoever and the Escape from Tarkov is no exception here. According to multiple reports, the backend indicates the game data which has been stored in the game server. So, it seems that the backend error is somehow pointing towards the game data error from servers.

Tarkov Backend Error Code 518 Fixed

How to Fix Escape From Tarkov Backend Error Code 518

Plenty of players are encountering this particular issue while making transactions via Flea Market in Escape From Tarkov. Luckily, there is a simple solution to fix this error. As we’ve already mentioned about the game data issue at the server end, you’ll most likely face this issue whenever you trade items from the market without clearing the inventory slots.

To recall, when you trade an item on Escape From Tarkov Flea Market, you’ll receive Rublos for it. Rublos is the in-game currency of Escape From Tarkov. So, it’s necessary for you to keep the inventory slot empty to receive Rublos instead of trading items.

It’ll obviously gonna throw you an error that indicates failed transaction if you have a full inventory slot. Now, it seems that there is some kind of bug that’s causing such an error and multiple players have already submitted the bug report to the developers.

Meanwhile, free up at least one of the inventory slots before purchasing any item to receive Rublos. It’ll help you to fix the Backend Error Code 518 in most scenarios. In another way, you should also check for the internet connection at your end.

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