Fourth Wave Might Hit India Soon, Stay Prepared By Downloading These Mobile Games

COVID has swept the ground from under their feet and locked people into their homes like clay dolls waiting to be deported. Now that the fourth wave of infection is inbound, People about to be locked up in their homes are confused about what they could do and what sort of plans they could hatch in this environment.

Mobile games are the ultimate refuge during these times, and people flock in numbers to online apps to be a part of this madness. Playing online games reached its peak in 2021 when everyone, regardless of their age, was online playing games that they never even in their wildest dreams thought would.

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It is cataclysmic that the fourth wave of COVID is right around the corner but fear not, as this list will keep you on the roll. These few games will save you from incoming lockdowns and insurmountable boredom.

MPL Ludo Win

Ludo is the recurrent king of all games. The game became the top one in the app store for the year 2021, and the app on MPL offers the best experience of this classic game. People, especially in the Indian subcontinent, became engrossed in Ludo like crazy, recording the most traffic of all games globally. The game is the easiest one to play anywhere you would like.

You can play MPL Ludo Win with four people or with one person as a rival. To play the game, you must roll the dice and play your pieces according to the numbers you get. In this manner, you must lead four of your tokens to the final grid before your rivals to get a win in the game. Also, in MPL Ludo, you could beat rivals and earn prizes and cash that you would not otherwise be able to do in other games. You can also play Ludo in an entirely new variant on the MPL app, Ludo Win.

At this point, you better not wait for the lockdown to hit; get the ludo game app on your phone immediately and be ahead of the competition.

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Among Us

Among Us have been the cutest and most sinister games on a rave on the internet since the pandemic. The game is compact and doesn’t eat at your mobile storage as other popular mobile games would. The characters are bright-colored astronauts that you can choose according to your preference. Each player can modify their astronaut to fit their style. In the game, all players are let loose on a spaceship and made to accomplish certain small quests.

Only one among all the astronauts can kill other players, and the objective of the other players is to find out who the imposter is before the entire crew is killed. This game is simple and fun, and you will be amazed how time flies when you are tearing at your hair to vote out the imposter in the game.

Crash Bandicoot

Runner games are the best when you are stuck at home doing nothing but work under the bore of lockdown. The game gives you some of the wildest scenarios where you can enjoy running in hilly wild areas for eternities and enjoy smashing and spinning through the most exotic passageways. The lead villain here is Doctor Neo Cortex. The best thing about the game is that you can play it anywhere without being too bothered. The added factor of the game is that it is free for download and play.

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Call Of Duty Mobile

For players addicted to war games and gunfights, Call Of Duty would be the perfect refuge while being shut away in your home. The game has heavily detailed graphics and stellar matchmaking with the best opponents to give you a neat experience of a First-person Shooter. You can match up with friends and take your personalized team to battle against others on the internet.

The initial release of the game suffered a lot of bugs and less intuitive controls, but at present, it is even smoother than the top contender for FPS games, BGMI. You will love to play the game, and it is best enjoyed with friends and people you can trust. Rest assured, be sure to have a lot of space on your device as the download file is huge, and you need a smartphone with good specifications to unleash the game’s true potential.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA is the top sport in the real world and online world. FIFA captured the minds of the worldwide audience by introducing FIFA Mobile into the world of smartphone gaming. The game has all the features of the original sport arranged into a more compact form. You get to play with the latest stars of football and have the benefit of choosing all international and club teams that are regularly updated with real-time performance levels of players.

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The controls are intuitive and perfectly placed on the screen, so you get a complete view of the football ground. You can play the game offline and online, giving you plenty of time to practice before you choose to face the most professional players on the internet.

Final Words

This list has the best games that will keep you occupied during the entire time of the upcoming COVID wave. These mobile games will keep you connected to the entire world and minimize the effects of social distancing for the better, so get them early on your arsenal. During tough times like this, mental health is a prime issue, and attending to oneself should be priority number one.

Although there is a deficit in doing engaging things daily, games like these will surely keep your hopes high and fly under these desperate times when we most feel the need to be connected to the people around us.

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