Game Of Thrones S8 EP2 Leaked By Tamilrockers

Monday mornings are reserved for Game of Thrones. The popular show, which is based on the legendary George R.R. Martin’s series of books, is in its final stage with season 8 being the last. The characters that we have come to know such as Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister will do whatever it takes to win; whether it be for the Iron Throne or against the ghastly Night King. The opening episode of GOT was all about the reunions and the second episode, well, read below to find out. *SPOILERS ALERT*

The episode picks up right from the start as Jamie Lannister’s trial goes underway. While Daenerys goes after the man who killed her father, the Mad King, Tyrion Lannister comes to his defence. But Dany shuts Tyrion up by asking about his sister Cersei Lannister’s betrayal. Sansa too wants Jamie to be punished for attacking her father Ned Stark but after a plea from Brienne of Tarth, she pardons him. When Jon is asked for his advice, he states that they can use as many people for the war to come. An agitated Dany and others leave. She threatens Tyrion to replace him as her Hand of King if things don’t change.

Arya Stark checks up on her weapon to be made by a resistant Gendry. She tries to find out more about the White Walkers and impresses Gendry with her skills. He gets on to work for her weapon right away. Jamie goes to apologise to Bran who tells him that the reason why he didn’t speak of the window incident was that he would not have been a part of the war to come if he was murdered. He also spooks Jamie when he rhetorically questions whether there will even be an afterwards! Jamie then reunites with Tyrion who questions if Cersei lied about the baby. Tyrion proclaims that they are going to die in Winterfell. He quips that at least Cersei won’t be the one killing him and that he could kill her after he is dead.

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Brienne questions Jamie’s true intentions for coming to Winterfell. Jamie states that he is not the fighter he used to be but he would be honoured to fight under Lady Brienne. Jorah Mormont asks Khaleesi to forgive Tyrion because he learns from his mistakes. At Jorah’s advice, Dany tries to call it truce with Sansa by declaring her love for Jon and fighting alongside him for the war against The Night King. But the tension rises when Sansa asks Dany about what happens to the North post defeating The Night King and Cersei and claiming the Iron Throne. They are interrupted by a returning Theon Greyjoy who informs Dany that his sister Yara Greyjoy had gone back to claim the Iron Islands. When asked why he didn’t go, Theon pledged his allegiance to Winterfell. An emotional Sansa hugged Theon in return.

Ser Davos and a returning Gilly share a sweet moment with a little girl who wants to fight the war. Jon is reunited with Eddison Tollett, Tormund Giantsbane and Beric Dondarrion. They inform him of the war to come to post the night. Jon and others strategize their game plan against The Night King and his deadly army. Bran states that he will be after him as he is always after the Three-Eyed Raven and that his endgame is an “Endless Night.” His plan is to keep himself bait and wait for him in the Godswood to give them a fighting chance. Theon promises to stay by his side with the Ironborn. Dany states that Tyrion will in the crypt because there is only one of them. Tormund claims that they are all going to die. Tensions are high between Jon and Dany. Tyrion speaks to Bran about his journey so far. Missandei and Grey Worm share a moment where they agree to travel to Naath when Dany claims the Iron Throne.

Samwell Tarly questions Jon on whether he spoke to Dany about his true Targaryen heritage. Sam defends himself on why he needs to fight beside them and not stay in the crypt. Jon, Sam and Eddison remember the fallen. Tyrion and Jamie talk about the old days. Brienne, Podrick Payne, Ser Davos and Tormund join them. Besides flirting with Brienne, Tormund gets nastily candid about how he got the name ‘Giantsbane’. Arya meets up with The Hound as they share a drink. When she questions him on why he returned to Winterfell, they are interrupted by Beric. Arya practices for the war as Gendry finally gives her the desired weapon. Gendry revealed the Red Woman’s true intentions as he is Robert Baratheon’s bastard. Arya asks Gendry if he has been with other women. Arya sleeps with Gendry.


Tyrion ponders over how most of them have fought the Starks and are now defending them. Brienne states that they will at least die with honour while Tyrion quips that they will live. Brienne is knighted by Jamie. The others toast Ser Brienne of Tarth.

Lady Mormont states that she will fight up front and not be kept inside the crypt. Sam offers his father’s sword Heartsbane to Jorah. On Tyrion’s insistence, Podrick sings Jenny of Oldstones before the battle as everyone shares the last peaceful moments. Jon finally tells Dany the truth about his parents and that he is Aegon Targaryen. The war has officially begun.

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