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Google Camera 7.2 APK Download All Builds Daily Update

We know that google camera app is one of the best camera applications for Android devices, and today I have crafted all together all the Google camera 7.2 builds here, You can check out all versions you want.

In Google Camera 7.1 has come with Astrophotography mode, and it has Night Sight, Slow-Motion, Portrait, Beauty Mode, Motion Images,  HDR Enhanced, Lens Blur, PhotoSphere, Playground (AR Stickers), RAW support, Google Lens, and more. And here’s the step by step guide to download

Features Overview

Night Sight: in night sight mode you can modify and you can capture stars which is known Astrophotography, to enable astrophotography you have to use a tripod or stable place, in-hand it does not work.

Video: you can now capture video at 30fps and 4k video at 30fps in specific devices.

Portraits: In portraits mode, there are several improvements you can see edge detection more improved, even if you’re using old version android and using custom ROM based on Android 10 then now you can use Google camera 7.1 apk. selfie portraits works fine.

Motion Image: Motion image is great concept in this mode it capture sound and image at a time.

Google Camera 7.2 APK Download All Builds Daily Update

GCAM 7.2.018 Build List

GCAM 7.2.016 Build List

GCAM 7.2.014 Build List

GCAM 7.2.011 Build List

GCAM 7.2.010 Build List

GCAM 7.2.010 Build List

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