Google Pixel Camera PORT For Android P Phones (NO ROOT)

The revolutionary pixel devices for known for their camera. Google pixel is the best phone camera in this market Right now, not always camera hardware produce a great sharper and purity image some time camera software work flawlessly the Gcam apk for non-pixel devices is already worldwide popular and now is ported for other devices now is running on android 9 only but within a few days it will be ported for android 8 Oreo as well as Android 7. Now, let’s dig into the Google Pixel Camera for Android P.

Google Pixel Camera For Android P Phones

All the things now keep in mind that this port is in beta it’s not as stable as you would expect. It successfully running on OnePlus 6, the installation process is a breeze just download apk from the link and transfer it in your phone storage open your file manager and navigate to the app and install.

Give permission the necessary permission and its dope later just go to setting of the app and enable the HDR+ option to enhance which can render images with better dynamic range and we have the new night sight mode which is surprising because even the pixel 3 supposed to get it only a few weeks later. But we think its just a dummy mode, for now, we couldn’t find a lot of differences between pictures shot on regular mode and night sight mode

Screenshots Of Google Pixel Camera

Not the app crashes frequently like I said its just in beta stages so what else we’ve got support for capturing RAW images and the new efficient HT VC codec for video shooting video in this format take a much less storage space note that we can enable or disable E.I.S for videos, to be honest I don’t think the app is perfect in terms of producing great quality images in every situation. Yeah like I said there are some flaws but what this app can do in such an early stage of development is just fascinating we can expect it to get better with time I guess is the stable version should be out in a few weeks when it’s here I’ll be quick to let you guys know so make sure you stay connected it us

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The Google Pixel Camera for Android P also known as Camera NX, and the Camera NX usually used in Google Pixel devices and new update of this app has better focus, AR stickers, better portrait mode also.

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