Google Testing Cool Features on Mobile Chrome Browser

Even on the eve of the release of the final version of the mobile operating system Android 11, insiders have repeatedly pointed to Google’s plans to modify the regular screenshot editor, equipping it with additional functionality. But it seems that the developers have decided to integrate such features into the mobile Chrome browser.

We are talking about the possibility of creating so-called “long screenshots”, that is, screen images that would cover a much greater page height than is currently displayed on the display. A similar feature was previously seen in Android 11, but never made it to the final build.

chrome mobile new features upcoming update

According to a new report from enthusiastic developers, the latest beta version of Google Chrome for Android has the very experimental feature of scrolling screenshots. Currently, activating the feature does nothing, but the appearance of such an item in the experimental settings menu indicates that Google is indeed working on its implementation in the stable version of Chrome.

For their part, Google developers confirmed that work on such functionality is really underway, but when exactly the new function will appear is still unknown.

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