Googlefier Download For Huawei/Honor [GMS Core]

If you’re using Huawei’s and Honor Devices then you know the lack of pain google play store. So other services is included in this. such as drive and maps etc. So here are short guide you can follow Download Googlefier and install Google GMS core in Huawei and Honor devices.

Googlefier is a free mobile utility software that enables you to install Google services on your Huawei or Honor phone. Developed by bender_007, this handy tool is a Google Mobile Services installer and works on certain China brands of mobile devices, as these do not offer Google services on their apps and use their own version. Take note that this app requires specific operating systems and phone models.

Wecome to Googlefier,

After a successful tool for LG G2 and LG G3 owners (AutoRec), but after a long pause, here is something new and I hope useful

Googlefier is a simple tool, designed to help you install GMS on your Huawei/Honor device

Video & Article – please take time to watch the video, answers some open questions

Please read the Q/A on post #2 < click

Downgrade help is onPOST #3 < click

Firmware Downloads (c432 global only) are onPOST #4 < click

Troubleshooting is onPOST #5 < click

Before asking any questions please read posts 2-5, check if your question has already been answered, in order to keep the thread clean.

Also – try to ask questions in some sense they are understandable

A simple: “IT doesn’t work – will be ignored and possibly deleted, because it doesn’t add to thread quality”, instead you should describe the steps properly, and you will get an answer.

I also encourage all of the members to keep the “alternative downgrade methods” to some other threads, which I will for sure link later. Also please don’t spam with firmware links, rather PM me and I will add it to POST #4, let’s try to keep the thread clean. As time goes by, I’ll try to add more firmware and cover more of the Q/A and Troubleshooting POST/Section so everyone can help himself/herself by simple power of reading

As always, any donation is highly appreciated and welcome, since a lot of time has been invested into this tool and in research.

Googlefier Download For Huawei/Honor [GMS Core]

DOWNLOAD – click here to download Someone ddosed the server, which means the server is gone, thx a lot , I mean I don’t have anything out of the downloads, I guess the person who ddosed the server had some incomes coming either from googlefier (since some sell it for 4-5 dollars) or it did hurt him in other way..thx a lot, good job!

Alternative DOWNLOAD from APKMIRROR <—-


27.10.2020 – Added contact fix (if you are installing it fresh you don’t have to do anything to apply it) (if you already have running services – press the FIX button and then press FIX contact sync (it will ONLY fix the contact sync, nothing else))

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