GTA V Played on Original Game Boy Console

The great Grand Theft Auto V running on the Game Boy sounds like something out of science fiction, but engineer Sebastian Staaks pulled off the trick. Of course, the game would never turn on on this portable console, so the blogger invented a special cartridge for streaming from other devices via Wi-Fi.

As the engineer explained, the Game Boy was broadcasting an image from the PlayStation, where Grand Theft Auto V was launched. At the same time, the portable console not only displays the image but also acts as an input device, that is, it allows you to directly control the game. Of course, there is no question of any 4K @ 60 fps, and the buttons on the Game Boy are much smaller than necessary for comfortable gameplay. But somehow the game works, and this is already a lot. 

Not so long ago, another blogger showed how he launches games for the SEGA Mega Drive, PlayStation, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game on the Game Boy Advance. He also needed to carry out a number of manipulations to make the classic console work with unusual titles.

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