GTA VI will be released in 2024. Among the heroes there will be a hacker girl

Although Rockstar Games lives on the laurels of Grand Theft Auto V and profits from its online component, fans do not give up hope of seeing the sixth part of one of the main action films of our time. Unfortunately, no official announcements from the company on this topic can be expected. Insiders are another matter.

A video has appeared on the YouTube channel of the authoritative insider Tom Henderson, in which he shares the details of the still mythical action. Firstly, before 2024, the release of Grand Theft Auto VI can not even be expected. Secondly, there will be a hacker girl among the playable characters. Thirdly, the map will constantly grow and, most likely, even change as add-ons for GTA Online are released. Plus, according to Henderson, Rockstar doesn’t want its employees to work overtime and crunch.

So far, all of the above are rumors. Even their author urges the public to wait for the official news, and not blindly believe the words of some person on the Internet. However, Tom Henderson is not as simple as it might seem. Previously, he has repeatedly shared his later confirmed insights about Call of Duty, Battlefield and other games.

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