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How to Add QR Codes in Emails and Google Documents 2021 Guide

QR Codes helps easy to get data from recipient. in this Google Documents you can create employee badges, event tickets, school tags and various type of QR code details you want to add. In this article walk you through how to add WR codes in Emails and Google Documents/Sheets.

How to Add QR Codes in Google Sheets

Select a column and name it as QR Code Image List, add this formula to show QR Codes.

How to Add QR Codes in Google Documents

Click anywhere and type this argument to show QR codes {{QR Code Image}} – the merge process will get the QR code image link from the source sheet and replace it with an image in the generated document.

Add QR Codes In Google Sheets

To add QR Codes in Google Spreadsheet, we use the IMAGE function with the first parameter as the variable field that contains the QR Code image link inside double quotes.

=IMAGE("{{QR Code Image}}", 4, 100, 100)

Remember to merge a few adjacent cells else the QR code image won’t be visible in the generated document.

How to Add QR Codes in Slide Presentations

Add the QR Code the same process, choose a slide, then select an area and add the same arguments

{{QR Code Image}}


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