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How to Beat Gova In Trials of Mana Game

Trial of Mana is a steam-powered game for PC and in this game, you will deal with different types of bosses and you have to defeat them. Most of the bosses attacked from upfront. So in this article share with you how to beat Gova in Trial of Mana game. I hope this walkthrough helps you a lot.

The gova boss in Trial of Mana game is very easy to defeat, so let’s see how you can defeat.

We need to get to the ships of wandering souls, in simple terms, ghosts. When you move around the ship of wandering souls, you will encounter the Gova boss. Now once you have the Gova boss ahead of you, you just need to beat him and free your friend who is suffering from a curse.

How to Beat Gova Boss in Trial of Mana?

Now Gova has some tricks up his sleeve, and he has a few attacks that can be deadly for you. Rather than going on a rampage against it, you can try avoiding his attacks and waiting for a perfect moment to land your offensive moves. One move that Gova uses the most is the Dark Force.

Gova ghost throws spheres of high dark energy towards you, and the best thing you can do is dodge all of them. Besides the sphere, Gova has another neat trick where he lay red paths on the ground randomly. This is called the Ghostleader move.

The path that appears red opens up, and ghost minions come up to attack you. It is tough to dodge this attack as sometimes almost the entire ground area gets covered by red paths. Just keep your character on toes and always ready to move when you see a red route on the ground. Another trick that Gova will use to attack your character is shooting some sort of crystals towards you through a portal that shows up from the ground. So besides dodging the Dark force and Ghost leader, you also need to keep an eye for portals shooting crystals at you.

Presently you comprehend what you have to avoid when you are battling Gova, so how about we investigate what you can do to assault him. The best assault against him is the Holy jolt. This is on the grounds that Gova is an apparition, and light is a soft spot for him. Sacred Bolt utilizes light enchantment, and it will wind up making gigantic harm Gova and inevitably beating him. Simply make sure to time your assaults cautiously while avoiding the assaults from Gova simultaneously.

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