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How to Enable OnePlus 8 Pro Color Filter (ADB Command)

After software update, Oneplus removed the color filter option from the Oneplus 8 Pro. If you’re purchasing a new OnePlus 8 Pro device by default you will get a disabled color filter phone. Right now a developer posted a guide to enable oneplus 8 pro color filter camera using ADB Command.

Already a developer guided how to enable photochrom color filter camera. However, it still needs be launched through ADB. Once the app is launched, you can keep it locked into the phone’s memory to access it without ADB. The best part about this discovery is that you do not need to be rooted or even have your bootloader unlocked.

To use Color Filter you can use ADB command line to active on your latest firmware patch.

adb shell
am start -n com.oneplus.factorymode/.camera.manualtest.CameraManualTest

Note: Just get a command shell to your OnePlus 8 Pro through ADB, no need for the device to be rooted or anything.

This will start the Factory Mode app. Once in the app, use the camera switcher icon in the bottom right corner to cycle through the different cameras. The color filter camera is positioned at number 4 within the app.

oneplus 8 pro color filter camera enable

It will launch the FactoryMode app and get you directly to the manual camera test view.

Just press the bottom right icon until you get to the color filter.

I have no doubt there is easier and quicker ways to get the same result, maybe through an apk.

Final Words

I hope this guide will be very helpful, if you stuck anywhere you can ping me on Facebook.

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