How To Flash GSI ROM on Project Treble Devices

Even right now so many peoples don’t taste the rooting process and custom ROM experience too. There are so many phones in the market globally but there some few devices developer’s choosing for custom ROM building. In this tutorial shared with you how to flash GSI ROM.

Developer usually not affiliated with a company for developing custom ROM. Android Project Treble is a big change for custom ROM developers. And Project Treble device will have easier to flash Project Treble custom ROMs.

So these things required to flashing a GSI custom ROM.

  • The bootloader must unlock
  • your device Must support Project Treble
  • Device must be Android 8.0 Oreo or newer version and Google Play certified
  • Make sure your device Project Treble support by Manufacturer. You can check Project Treble supported devices
  • Your device is free of any heavy modifications such as the Xposed Framework, SuperSU, or Magisk. You can re-install these afterwards, but please be sure you are using the stock boot/ramdisk before proceeding.


Before you start make sure TWRP has installed on your phone. You can check TWRP for Android devices.

  • First, perform a Factory Reset within TWRP
  • Transfer GSI ROM from your PC to Android internal storage, it will help you to easy to find.
  • Then tap on Install button.
  • Change the type from “zip” to “image.”
  • Find and select the GSI you downloaded.
  • Choose to flash to the system partition.
  • Once that is done, reboot your device.

Hopefully, your device should boot up after a few minutes of waiting. If not, skip the following section and go to the troubleshooting tips.

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