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How to Hide Your Smartphone Notches

notch hider apk After Andy Rubin Essential and iPhone X released somewhere a race began to make a notch into their smartphone, yes it’s right full screen 18:9 display, small bezel with a notch it’s make look premium. But every company used that same design. Some people like the design and some people starting hate of this design.

If you’re looking to buy a new phone this year, there’s a good chance it may have a notch, but fret not, there’s a way to hide the notch for free! Introducing “Nacho Notch—Notch Hider!”












This app implemented a quick setting tile must add the tile to your quick setting tiles and you can quickly toggle the notch on/off. No need to waste space in your app drawer with an app that only has a single function!

“Nacho Notch—Notch Hider” does! You just need to install the app, make sure it has the ability to “draw over other apps” so it can hide the notch (if you install it from the Play Store, you won’t have to worry about that), and be on your way! The app needs a persistent notification so Android doesn’t kill it in the background, but it’s easy to hide the notification so it doesn’t get in your way (just long-press on the notification and hide it!) Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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