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How to Open A WhatsApp Account With a Random Number

We use generally WhatsApp account with a phone number which is our phone. In this article, I will show how to open a WhatsApp account with a random number. So in this tutorial, you have to use Parallel Space or if your phone support App cloning then clone your WhatsApp app.

Parallel Space or App cloner is just cloned your existing app so you can use a second phone number to use WhatsApp, We know that modded version WhatsApp will ban Whatsapp account permanently or few several minutes.

How to Open A WhatsApp Account With a Random Number?


  • Parallel Space or App Cloner
  • A random phone number generator app or Website

Now open your clone WhatsApp and go to this random phone number generator website and pick any phone number.

  • Choose a phone number and register this phone number with your clone whatsapp. Do not close your choosed number page.
  • Whatsapp will send an OTP
  • Place that OTP on WhatsApp
  • Now you’re ready to use.


This technique will work all the time, Maybe sometime it will not work, so then you can choose another phone number to generate OTP. and Open your WhatsApp account


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