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[Firefox or Chrome] How to upload photo in Instagram

Most of the time we are use Instagram on our mobile but sometimes we are get failure when we open our Instagram account on desktop. Let me tell you a story how I upload photos from desktop.

Few days ago just around two or three week earlier eagerly open my Facebook account and then I move to my Instagram account, after a two to three minutes later found there are no options to upload.

[Firefox or Chrome] How to upload photo in Instagram

Even the Instagram Windows App approx 192 MB and I use JIO network. Then I started to find the best option and after 15 min later discover this option.

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Firefox and Chrome users can upload photos

Go to your browser Chrome or Firefox whatever you choose, and navigate to your extension store.

Tap on search bar and type in there User-Agent Switcher Extension or you can Click here to install

After that tap or click on add to Firefox or add to Chrome. Finish the process as usual you add plugins. This app does not require any sign up process so don’t worry.

Now open a new tab in your browser and go to Instagram home page and logged in through your Facebook account.

Look similar Instagram

Tap on this icon

And select this option mentions below

Now as you can see your desktop Instagram home page appearing like mobile Insta UI/UX.

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