Huawei May Ship Sailfish-Based Aurora OS On Tablets For Russia

As we all know Huawei has been forced into a rough patch by the US Government after it got placed on the Entity List that prohibited US companies from doing business with this Chinese giant. All the Us Based tech company has banned Huawei for the charge of data leaking of US and sent all data china. After that Huawei massively affected Huawei as they directly put a question mark on the future of Huawei smartphones, especially since it would restrict the company from using Android as its OS of choice.

Although the Chinese tech giant secretly builds own fallback OS in the form of Harmony OS out of necessity rather than choice. This Harmony OS launched globally with the name of Aurora OS.

Now Huawei talking to Russia about installing aurora OS on as many As 360000 tablets which shall be used to conduct Russia’s population census next year. This pilot project is being seen as the first stage of launching this Sailfish OS fork on Huawei devices.

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