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Intel Core i5-12400 Overclocked up to 5.2GHz Clock Speed

Intel processors without the letter K are not designed for overclocking, but the famous overclocker under the nickname Der8auer proved the opposite. He managed to increase the performance of the inexpensive 12th generation Core i5 by a third using standard motherboard tools without liquid nitrogen and other tricks. True, not all PC owners will be able to repeat such an experiment.

To “boost” the locked Core i5-12400 processor, the enthusiast used an ASUS motherboard based on the Intel Z690 chipset, manually manipulating the BCLK (bus speed) parameter. The fact that this characteristic of the new hardware is no longer tied to other system interfaces like PCIe helped him achieve what he wanted. In addition, the operating voltage had to be raised to a value of 1.35-1.37 V.

Intel Core i5-12400 Overclocked up to 5.2GHz Clock Speed

The overclocker also had to manually reduce the frequency of the RAM and cache memory that jumped during overclocking. As a result, the chip was overclocked to 5.2 GHz, while it was stably tested in various benchmarks. The increase in CPU performance at the same time amounted to about 33% compared to stock characteristics.

Der8auer noted that the maximum temperature of the chip after overclocking increased to 96 ° C, and its power consumption was about 138 watts. At the same time, only 16% of the bonus power was squeezed out of the nominally more advanced Core i5-12600.

Anyone can repeat the experiment according to the instructions published by the enthusiast. But there is also a pitfall – such functionality is still available only on a limited number of expensive flagship motherboards.

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