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Intel Pentium Gold G7400T vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE: Best Budget CPU Compare

Intel presents latest 12th generation desktop CPU line-up and significantly improved its performance and beat AMD processor in term of speed, performance, calculation and Windows 11 64bit optimised.

in addition to a handful of non-K varient chip is here Intel Pentium series comes with iGPU-integreated Graphics module, that mean you don’t need any kind of extra graphics card to show display.

Intel Pentium Gold G7400T vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE: Specifications

SpecificationIntel Pentium Gold G7400TAMD Athlon Gold 3150GE
CPU SocketLGA 1700AMD AM4
LithographyIntel 7 (10nm)12nm
Base Frequency3.1GHz3.3GHz
Boost FrequencyNA3.8GHz
Unlocked for overclocking?NoYes
L3 Cache6MB4MB
Default TDP35W35W
Max. Operating Temperature (Tjmax)TBA95°C
Memory SupportDDR4 3200MT/s | DDR5-4800MT/sDDR4 up to 2933MHz
Integrated GraphicsIntel UHD 710Radeon RX Vega 3 Graphics

This processor is not very high processor it is a one step improve processor of Intel Celeron processor. You can play basic games and do office task, but you can play GTA V in this processor 30-40fps in low setting you can expect.

It’s worth pointing out that Pentium Gold G7400T and the Athlon Gold 3150GE are both entry-level, low-end CPUs with limited performance. These CPUs are often deployed by enterprises for their system dealing with day-to-day productivity workloads, or by casual users for home entertainment systems. While the Intel chip may not look very powerful in comparison to the Athlon 31590GE on paper, we think the general performance will be more or less the same. If anything we expect the Intel chip to outperform the Athlon 3150GE in many workloads when paired with the right components including the new DDR5 memory modules.

Much like a lot of other low-end Alder Lake chips, the Pentium Gold G7400T also lacks the Gracemont E-cores. We’re looking at a dual-core unit with 4 threads trading blows with a similarly specced Athon 3150GE. The Pentium chip is bound to have slightly better performance in certain workloads thanks to the support for DDR5-4800MT/s in addition to DDR4-3200MT/s modules. The AMD Athlon 3150GE, in comparison, only brings support for DDR4 modules with up to 2933MHz memory speeds. Both CPUs also carry integrated graphics to deploy entry-level systems without a discrete GPU.

Can I Get Intel RS1 Cooler in Intel Pentium Gold G7400T?

Intel has also announced the new Laminar RS1 CPU cooler for the new Pentium Gold and Celeron CPUs, so we’re expecting to see a decent cooling performance too. We’ll update this comparison with more benchmark numbers once we’ve had the chance to test the new CPUs.

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